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  • Is buying a used Airsoft gun worth it?

    Finding a used Airsoft gun online or at the local store has the intrigue of "why is it being sold" along with "is it worth it" and many other questions. You will have to be able to determine if it is worth it to you as in using the parts in the purchase to rebuild another Airsoft rifle or being able to fix the rifle on the cheap side and still coming away spending less than the new version.

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  • What springs can the Modify XTC use?

    In this quick video about the Modify XTC Tang will install several springs and report the feet per second readings.

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  • What is the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

    The "best" is a hard word to describe since one rifle might be perfect for an Airsofter and not for another Airsofter based on their style of play. We will help get to the final decision and find out what is the best Airsoft sniper rifle and why. Since there are so many variations on the market that JAG Precision carries to offer the widest selection to the stores we will cover the rifles inside and out. Each rifle has their own unique features to make them stand out and not compete with the others in the same class of rifle.

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  • JAG Arms PHX15's on the Airsoft GI Live Show

    This week Brian and Tang were guests on the popular Airsoft GI Live Show. With this shows format the Airsoft players that are subscribed to the ASGI youtube channel will be able to watch and ask questions in "real time" making for a great interactive show. Like always the JAG guys will be loading the table up with new products and filling the show with Q&A. In case you missed your chance to ask a question you can always email us [email protected]

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  • Modify Ten Tooth Piston

    As you know Modify is leading the way in the gearbox parts development and even released their XTC-G1 which is a complete M4 AEG using their components to make a perfect rifle. Modify did not stop there and they have created a new
    piston using 10 steel teeth and dense polymer body. This will be a more suitable upgrade piston than their Ultra and Quantum from their line up and may even beat the Super Core piston which is at the top of the piston list for the all around best part.

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  • Milsim West: Blue Diamond Training Day

    With the popularity of heavily immersive milsim events increasing, many players are taking their training to prepare for the big events very seriously. If you have ever attended a Milsim West event, it has always been known that the Russian side is heavily staffed by the Rushing Russians team. These guys have been playing together for a very long time and it shows. This makes them a very formidable opponent on the BB war scene. Typically on the NATO side, though there are many serious players as well, unit cohesion was not always the best simply because there has not been as much time hanging out together both on and off the team. Blue Diamond Group is a USMC impression-based team that is gaining traction as the NATO equivalent. They seek to build the same level of teamwork and comradely to make NATO great again not to mention offer an alternative to those who don't want to play Russian.

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  • 101 Back to Basics in Airsoft with JAG Precision

    The 101 Back to Basics will be several quick and easy videos to give the viewer and new Airsofter the needed information. Simple instructions can sometimes be lost in a long manual or the steps do not make sense. This is where the 101 Back to Basics from JAG Precision comes in with the great helpful videos and online support if you need to email us or contact us on Facebook.

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  • Modify XTC-G1 at JAG Precision

    The Modify XTC-G1 rifle has started to get a lot of interest and creating questions about the rifle and why it is the hot new rifle in Airsoft for 2016. For many years Modify has been created the best internal parts out of Taiwan and you would be able to find all the gearbox parts in stock from JAG Precision. They stepped out of their comfort zone and created the Modify Mod24 which was their take on the classic bolt action rifle but using all of their internal parts making is a completely upgraded and reliable Bolt Action Sniper Rifle out of the box. Now they want to do more...

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  • JAG Precision at the Raahauges Kids Safari Day

    The JAG Precision and Echo1 team is out in the field again with the future of Airsofters at the Kids Safari Day. This event was held at Raahauges Shooting Range and is all focused for the younger shooters and outdoors adventurers. All volunteer work to put on this event from the extra help to the long list of vendors.

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  • Airsoft DMR Budget Build

    Upgrading your rifle can be tricky on what to spend and why. The route most players take is buy the best and hope for the best but that is not always the case in the Airsoft world and the different specs for each rifle and parts manufacture.

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