JAG Arms PHX15's on the Airsoft GI Live Show

This week Brian and Tang were guests on the popular Airsoft GI Live Show. With this shows format the Airsoft players that are subscribed to the ASGI youtube channel will be able to watch and ask questions in "real time" making for a great interactive show. Like always the JAG guys will be loading the table up with new products and filling the show with Q&A. In case you missed your chance to ask a question you can always email us [email protected]

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In the video the main star was the three custom built JAG Arms PHX15 rifles that Brian has created to show everybody how the rifle can be made for any role on the Airsoft field. With the CQB version based off the PHX15 SBR only a few attachments are needed since the rifle is already a compact design and the gearbox is already finished for a CQB environment. The built in MOSFET and Torque Motor allow for a crisp and nearly perfect AEG out of the box with 25~BPS with the use of a lipo that can be easily stored in the Large Capacity Stock or LCS.

Looking to build the PHX15 into a field rifle for a Milsim game? Brian has also done that for a mutli use rifle that looks great and is simple. The PHX15 Recce rifle will have a long enough MLok hand guard to facilitate just enough accessories while still being a light weight rifle. The other option for the Milsim player or Casual Airsofter will be the SPR modded rifle that will earn the nick name "sniper" while on the field. Based on the looks the rifle is ready to go into the bush on the field or post up and provide over watch for the squad members. The SPR rifle was built off the PHX15 Crusader and had the entire front end removed for the installation of the needed MadBull and Echo1 parts to make the rifle complete. With the gearbox still using the same great parts in the other PHX15 rifle the use of a lipo is no problem for the repeated semi auto shooting. Now the SPR just needs a tight bore barrel from MadBull to make it more accurate at long range.

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JAG Precision Airsoft Wholesale

MadBull Airsoft has been the leading name in Airsoft for metal bodies and rail kits along side their affordable tight bore barrels. The MadBull Black Python 6.03 was the first barrel option and now they have the Ultimate 6.01 and Steel Bull 6.03 to completely satisfy all Airsoft players on the field. With these barrel options you have different materials such as Steel or Aluminum to give a difference in performance depending on the high speed or high power build. MadBull makes all the popular lengths for the AEG market and even for the bolt action market like the Echo1 ASR and the Echo1 M28 and don't forget the pistols, they make tight bore barrels for the gas pistols.

JAG Precision Airsoft Wholesale

These custom builds are nice but what if you have a plastic bodies M4 and want to build it up and make it more custom and have more control over all the parts? That is where MadBull Airsoft comes to the top of the list for the parts you will need. Since MadBull works with the most relevant firearm companies you now have the option to build an Airsoft rifle to match what is in the current Recoil Magazine. For example the Lantac metal body and accompanying muzzle brake to allow you to make a truly custom rifle. Check out our website under the MadBull section to see all the parts that we carry from them.


Wanting to have a chance to win a free Airsoft rifle? Well you are in luck since Brian is building a custom rifle from an Echo1 MTC3 and giving it away to a lucky fan on his Instagram @BRIAN_at_ECHO1. This giveaway rifle has been upgraded internally as well and shooting over 500fps making for a great sniper or DMR package for that lucky fan.

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Here is the recorded video from the show in case you missed it. If you see something interesting and still have a question you can email us at [email protected] and we can still answer it for you.

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