Is buying a used Airsoft gun worth it?

Finding a used Airsoft gun online or at the local store has the intrigue of "why is it being sold" along with "is it worth it" and many other questions. You will have to be able to determine if it is worth it to you as in using the parts in the purchase to rebuild another Airsoft rifle or being able to fix the rifle on the cheap side and still coming away spending less than the new version.

As you will see in the video from Tang he will cover the parts that came in the rifle he bought online. The rifle was a good deal and knew it had some issues but he could fix it easily.

JAG Precision airsoft

The rifle had a MadBull 3 in 1 hop up unit along with a tightbore barrel which makes for a great find and could be used or sold if needed. The stock EG1000 motor is a way to "date" the rifle to know it started out as a Tokyo Marui M4.One of the cool parts in the gearbox will be the MadBull M120 spring being green helps spot the brand and power rating. These parts can still be used and are in good condition.

JAG Precision airsoft

The gearbox in a used Airsoft rifle can make or break the deal and cost more money to fix than intended. The gearbox shell seems fine but the gears are shimmed poorly which might strip out shortly without warning. Along with the questionable gear set the wiring has been stitched together with not the best techniques and costing efficiency of the battery and motor. Looking at these parts and knowing that you will have to change them out and spend more money might deter you from the purchase but if you do not need them or have a plan for the other parts that is up to you.

JAG Precision airsoft

"Yeah it has been upgraded."
Sometimes being upgraded makes it worth more since the parts might not be matching or correctly installed and to "fix" the parts will add up to the total cost. These parts may look great and upgraded but the FPS reading will be low due to the mix-match cylinder and piston head. Using a flat cylinder head which is normal and the "silent head" or nipple design fits but does expel all the air and lowers the FPS and adds extra stress to the cylinder head which can cause early failure. Using upgrade parts and not knowing why and how to use them is not a good way to upgrade and tech an Airsoft rifle.

In the video Tang will go over the parts and rifle and what he finds of value with the purchase. This is just an example of buying a used Airsoft rifle.

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Written by Brian Holt

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